Washington D.C : 25 Reasons why you need to visit

Hey guys! In 2015 I went to Washington D.C for an extended weekend.

**Crickets** Nothing? …tough crowd…okay.

In 2015 I went to Washington D.C for 4 days on New Years Weekend and only spent about $800 including flight and hotel.

OH. Now I got your attention?

Truthfully Washington D.C is my favorite city thus far and I’m going to share 25 reasons why you should visit. Read to the end for a super special bonus secret.

Reasons #1-19

D.C has 19 (yes, 19) Smithsonian Museums. If you’ve never been, you should, because they are pretty awesome. My favorite were: Air and Space Museum, Natural History Museum, The National Zoo, and Renwick Gallery.

Reason #20

The whole time I was walking around D.C I felt like I was walking through a time machine because literally everything is so historic and significant that you really can’t help but feel total awe. National Monuments are not scarce in this city. My must-see monuments include: The Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.


Reason# 21

I can totally understand why not everyone would love the idea of visiting a garden during their travels but the U.S Botanic Garden is like no other. There are many rooms, each with different themes. Here is where it gets cool: there are replicas of the U.S Nations buildings made entirely of plants.


Reason #22

The National Mall is my dream as a budget traveller. What is the National Mall? It is a park in Washington D.C that spams about two miles starting from the Lincoln Memorial to the U.S Capitol. All monuments, memorials, and museums will mostly be in this general area. The close proximity of all the attractions means everything is within walking distance and no money spent on transportation.


The National Zoo technically falls under #1-19 because it is part of the Smithsonian Institute. This zoo is located in the Woodley Park neighborhood and it’s home to thousands of animals. Their main catch is that it is home to many endangered species (including pandas!). While I’m normally against zoo’s and keeping animals locked up, I would recommend visiting this one. During the holiday season, they host “Zoo Lights” and the whole park is lit up with animal themed decorations.


A couple miles west of the National Mall is the cute town of Georgetown. Even if you are short on time, I definitely recommend stopping here. The town is home to the beautiful Georgetown University, the homes are beautiful, and there are tons of dinning options. The houses are absolutely adorable; i recommend visiting even if its just to take a stroll through the streets. The Washington Harbour Waterfront also sets up a skating rink for the winter season.


The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is something I had heard of many times but never had the opportunity to experience myself. If you have the time, make the effort to visit the Arlington National Cemetery and stop by the tomb. It is a great opportunity to pay your respects and also experience the dedication and attention to detail and honor for those souls whose remains were not identified.

And now for the super secret you’ve been waiting for

Ready? It’s all free. Yes, all of it. An entire city with tons of things to do and it is all free! Gardens, museums, monuments, statues, zoos. FREE.

There is absolutely no reason to skip Washington D.C. Flights are usually cheap year-round and there are hotels for every budget.

Any other gems hidden around Washington D.C that I did not include? Comment below!

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26 thoughts on “Washington D.C : 25 Reasons why you need to visit

  • Only By Land

    The reason I’d choose to visit DC would be the Lincoln Memorial, I’d love to get a picture with it, it’s been in so many movies. The picture you took in front of it is great with the red sky!

    • Yurys1993

      There are sooo many historic monuments in DC but by far my favorite was the Lincoln Memorial. The sky perfectly ended the day, it was a beautiful sunset. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  • Kayla Hardern

    As cliche as it sounds I definitely believe the best things in life are free 😉 Thank you for an absolutely wonderful list, I love it! I cant wait to visit Washington DC to try them all out!

    • Yurys1993

      Lol I totally agree with you! And funny enough, all those museums were free and hands down they were some of the best I’ve ever visited. Totally add D.C to your list!!

  • Stephanie fox

    My sister has recently moved to Philadelphia from the uk for two years so I’m hoping to visit and see Washington in the same trip. It’s amazing that everything is free and I can’t believe how many museums there are!

    • Yurys1993

      I know, I was surprised too but its awesome! Cant wait to hear about your trip 🙂

  • Eryn

    THEY HAVE 19 SMITHSONIAN MUSEUMS??!!?? That’s insane I had no idea! Guess I’ll have to visit now!

    • Yurys1993

      Yessss!! Go! You’ll love it I’m sure. It’s hard not to. The air and space was my fav. The zoo is free too 👍🏼

  • Caitlin

    I did my 2014 summer internship in college in Washington DC. I lived there from May through September and I absolutely loved it. I did so much that summer because Reason #26 – IT’S ALL FREE! haah! I stayed so busy that summer and it all went by so fast. One of my most favorite things I did was go up into the Washington Monument. I also fell deeply in love with the Library of Congress. DC is truly a city everyone should visit. LOVE IT!

    • Yurys1993

      Lol free gives you 100x more reason to visit! Because I went during a holiday weekend I was not able to go inside the library of congress but I’ve seen pictures and it looks wonderful! I was also short on time so I didn’t go up the monument. Next time for sure!

  • Anja / Womanhattan

    That Botanic Garden looks really amazing! And the fact that there are 19 (!!!) Smithsonian Museums is incredible. I had no idea!

    • Yurys1993

      The botanic garden is so pretty! I also had no idea they’re free but I was happily surprised 🙂 hope you visit someday

  • Ania

    I love visiting places with a lot of historical significance! It sounds like I should add Washington DC to my “must-visit” list. Thank you for sharing!

    • Yurys1993

      Me too! I find historic more interesting than big modern cities! Hope you visit someday

  • Jitaditya Narzary

    That’s a lot of reasons to visit a city. I generally love to visit the museum in any city and Washington has way too many of them. So, that is a reason enough for me.

    • Yurys1993

      Agreed! And free entrance, cant beat that!

  • Joanna

    It’s amazing that you can visit all these amazing places for free! I know the Smithsonian is a collection of really interesting museums and I would love to visit one day. I like going to the botanical garden when I travel because it’s different in every city and it’s a great way to relax and days of rushing around to visit as much as possible.

    • Yurys1993

      I was ready to visit only 2 or 3 but when I saw the entrance was free I took advantage and visited almost all of them. &I totally agree, a botanical garden is not as exciting but its a nice way to relax and just go with the flow.

  • Lerato

    Amazing guide and pictures! This was a great read, thanks for sharing. Now Washington DC is on my bucket list

    • Yurys1993

      Awesome! Thanks for reading! Hope you visit soon 🙂

  • Jazel Lomboy

    i feel like I was able to travel to Washington through your blog. I love going to botanical gardens. US Botanic Garden looks incredibly beautiful.

    • Yurys1993

      I LOVE visiting botanical gardens, especially when they go all out with the design and make art with natural resources

  • Shane Prather

    I interned in DC for a summer and had a blast! It’s been several years and I need to go back and explore all of this!

    • Yurys1993

      I hope you go back and enjoy it all again!

  • Lyka

    I was in DC and I fell in love!! One of the best cities for me!

    • Yurys1993

      I totally agree! DC has been one of my favorite cities to date

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