Philadelphia on a Budget: How to see the most and pay the least

So you want to take a quick getaway but you don’t want to break the bank? If Philadelphia is anywhere on your “to-visit” list (and I really think it should be) then check out my table below to get a breakdown of how much I spent on attractions.

Philadelphia Budget Breakdown:

Rough Estimate:


Keep in mind, this list is particular to things I wanted to see. You can play with it and adjust to things you’d prefer to visit.

The Philadelphia 3-day adult pass is $109.00. For the month of July, the same 3-day adult pass was $87.20 and the taxes were waived. Check their website as they have sales regularly. Regardless, even if the total is $109.00, it is still clearly cheaper than my rough estimate of $216.95. The pass is great for visiting Philadelphia on a budget.

Also, check their website (click here) for a full list of things included in the price.

*Everything with a star is included in “the Philadelphia pass” (not to be mistaken for the “citypass,” it is NOT the same thing)

The Verdict:

I personally think this was an amazing budget trip. I spent 4 full days exploring and my total came out to a mere $87.20/person. Ofcourse if I had chosen to skip all the tourist attractions I possibly could have gotten away without spending a dime as many things can be enjoyed simply by walking the streets and taking in the sights.

Click here if you’re interested in seeing how I chose to plan my itinerary around these activities.

Comment below if this monetary breakdown was helpful in your planning stage. Happy planning!

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