Bucket List

•Last Updated January 15th 2017•

Hello, everybody, my name is Yury and I’m an omniphobic


Okay, okay, maybe not everything, only around 99.999999999999% of things (no, really, I totally did the math). After countless hours of top secret research and math to come up with that percentage, I reached my conclusion: something has to be done.

Voila! I bring you, my bucket list.

At 23 there are way too many things that I have yet to experience, mostly because (as an introvert, yay) everything scares me. These are things I want to experience off the top of my head in no particular order; the list will grow along with me. I will regularly update and alter it. You can click on the link of my completed goals to read stories about my experiences as I attempt to conquer my 75,485,652,918,784,512,547 fears (again, yes, this is an accurate number). Feel free to comment, give tips, or share. 


Rise Lantern festival- USA
Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta- New Mexico, USA
Burning Man- Nevada, USA
Mardi Gras- New Orleans, USA
Carnival of Rio de Janeiro- Brazil
Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade- NY, USA
Visit “the only castle in North America”
Visit the Grand Canyon
Visit the Lincoln Memorial
Visit all 50 U.S States
Go on a scenic train trip
Go on a cruise
Visit Greece
Visit Thailand
Visit Europe
Visit all 21 Caribbean islands
Visit a Mayan Ruin
Stay in a tree house
Stay in a glass igloo
Stay in an overwater bungalow
Stay at an All-Inclusive Resort
Go to an underwater restaurant
Visit a Natural Hot Spring
Visit a Black Sand beach
Visit a Temple
Attend a music festival
Attend a Luau
Go to an Aquarium
Visit a nude beach
Go to a piano bar
Go to the Four Corners (4 state at once)
Visit Yosemite National Park


See the Northern Lights
See a meteor shower
See Niagara Falls
See Mount Rushmore
See the Mona Lisa in the Louvre
Watch the ball drop in Times Square
Watch movie at a drive-in theater
See a Cirque-du-Soleil show
See a Las Vegas show
See a Blowhole
See and walk the wave in Arizona
See Bolivia's salt flats


Airboat on an alligator infested swamp
Celebrate a Holiday in a Different Country
Dog sled
Be able to take long plane rides
Ride a zip line ride
Whale watching
Stand on a frozen lake
Leave gum on Seattle’s gum wall
Bicycle across the Golden Gate bridge
Have a paint fight
Participate in a color run
Drive Route 66
Scuba Dive
Be my own boss
Go to airport and buy a spontaneous trip
Have a tech free day
Indoor Skydive
Go on a penny date
Take a road trip across the U.S
Make a time capsule and bury it
Put a lock in love lock bridge
Swim with otters
Swim with dolphins
Live abroad
Walk a Suspension Bridge
Stand on top of a mountain
Pet an elephant
Fancy spa day
Get a 2nd tattoo
Go skinny dipping
Go Horseback Riding
Donate blood
Play twister with paint
Hold a monkey
Swim in a waterfall
Stand under a waterfall
Climb a volcano
Explore a cave
Climb a lighthouse
Arrive by seaplane
Name a star
Attend a murder mystery show
Get a fish pedicure
Be a tourist of my own town
Ride a personal submarine
Ride a subway
Ride a tandem bike
Ride a cable car
Ride a JetSki
Ride a helicopter
Ride ATVs
Ride a Hot Air Balloon
Ride a segway
Ride a roller coaster
Start a blog
Hold a snake
Sleep in a castle
Sleep in a Hostel
Spend the night in Martha’s Vineyard
Sleep in an overnight train
Drink at an Ice Bar